Metal Detectors

Pack Pro Technologies recommends and installs METTLER TOLEDO Safeline T and ST Series metal detectors for those companies, including food and snack packers, where such protection is essential.

These detectors are able to detect metal contamination within product ‘in-flight’, typically as it passes from a weigher into a bag maker or packaging machine.

T and ST Series detectors are particularly suitable where metallised film packaging materials are used in vertical form, fill and seal bagging operations. Inspection of the product takes place immediately before it enters the bag, overcoming any limitations created by the wrapping material – and ensuring the highest levels of sensitivity are achieved.

The use of ultra-high-frequency operation and multi-frequency technology, combined with new software algorithms, enables the signals given off by all metallic contamination to be identified and amplified to aid detection and removal. T and ST throat detectors are capable of detecting metal particles smaller than 0.5 mm in diameter for all metal types, including ferrous, non-ferrous (including aluminium) and non-magnetic stainless steels.

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