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Pack Pro Technologies can work with you to design complete bag filling production lines, machinery sourcing and acquisition, as well as consultation services across many facets of your packaging production needs. These service offerings include areas such as Project Engineering and Consultancy, Complete Relocation Management, tailored maintenance contracts, on-site service level agreements for emergency breakdowns, efficiency audits or personnel training.

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Project Engineering & Consulting

We provide expertise in every facet of project engineering and consultation. We can assist in the design of complete packaging production lines, machinery sourcing and acquisition. Our team of professionals may:-

  • Suggest a retrofit to your existing machinery
  • Offer new machinery to suit your latest projects
  • Propose an existing refurbished machine in our workshop that may fit your needs for a better lead time

We also offer consultation services ranging from productivity assessments to planning of maintenance schedules.

80% of orders despatched same day.

PLC Upgrades

A PLC Upgrade can be a cost effective way to keep pace with technological advances since installation, or updates in terms of safety legalisation and can increase the life of your machine for years to come.

Rather than face an expensive and potentially unnecessary new installation, see if our team of experts can upgrade your bag maker to the latest electronics with a PLC Upgrade either in our Pennsylvania facility or on site at your location.

On-Site Machinery Services

Field service is our specialty and the heart of our business. Our highly trained professionals are available to provide hands on technical support for your machinery. This may include:

  • Troubleshooting on-going problems down to the component level
  • Emergency break down repair
  • Fitment of replacement parts
  • Installation of new machinery
  • Efficiency audit and improvement

Personnel training is also offered for machine operators, maintenance staff and control specialists.

Our Maintenance Contracts are tailored to suit individual client needs and are planned around your production schedule.

Maintenance Contracts

Routine preventative maintenance can reduce down time which affects the productivity and efficiency of your equipment, as well as improve the life expectancy and performance of your packaging machinery.  Tailored contracts are planned around your production schedule.

A partial list of services performed would include:-

  • Inspection of all moving components for proper function
  • Assessment of the condition of common wear items and replacement as necessary
  • Lubricate equipment
  • Check security of integral moving parts
  • Check and tighten hardware
  • Confirm the function of all guard doors and emergency stop circuit

Relocation Services

If your company is moving to another location, Pack Pro Technologies will breakdown your equipment and expertly pack and crate your machinery to ensure a safe arrival at the new destination. We understand your machinery and know how to protect and move it without damage during transport. Upon arrival, we will unpack the machines and assist with moving them to their new location, power them up and provide advice and training to new personnel.

Are you moving your production line to a different location? Pack Pro Technologies can help.

Machine Sales

The Line Equipment range of vertical form fill and seal bag making machines are designed and built to give a consistent and reliable performance to exceed the needs of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Service & Maintenance

Our services include Project Engineering and Consultancy, Complete Relocation Management, PLC Upgrades, Maintenance Contracts and On-Site Machinery Breakdown Service. All our customers receive 24 Hour Telephone Support.

Machine Spares

Working with multiple manufacturers we ensure you get the correct replacement parts for your equipmentWe stock and source many manufacturers’ products including Sandiacre, Line Equipment & Rimor.

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For more information or to inquire about our products or services, please call (717) 517-9065 or send us an email at info@packprotechnologies.com.

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